1Custom-made lapidary bank cards are unique products that reflect the interior worlds of their owners. When you order a card with an individual design, you become a co-creator with the artists of Rosan Diamond. Do you want to use one of the cards on our website and add an image to it? Or do you dream of creating a new card in accord with your own taste and predilections? Do you want to surprise a loved one with a unique gift?1

1Show us a picture, a photograph, or just tell us about what kind of image you would like to see on the bank card, and we will come up with the most exact expression of your intent. Skilled artists will discuss all the options with you to translate your wishes into a unique product. They will acquaint you with the materials that may be used for creating the card. They will tell you about the properties of the precious metals and stones. They will take all the nuances into account.

1The image rendered on the card may be a monogram, perhaps the owner's elegantly entwined initials. One exquisite possibility is a graphic pattern with heraldic motifs, such as the card holder's coat of arms. What will most fully reflect the owner's individuality is a symbolic image woven together from attributes and emblems associated with his life's work, a favorite city or sport, hobbies, and so on.1

1Narrative images offer infinite space for imagination: such a card may display a genre scene, elements of architectural structures, or a fragment of a favorite picture. The professionalism of our expert jewelers, their great attention to the finest details, and the newest technologies will help create a unique bank card just for you.