In order to realize our ideas, we have been challenged to resolve a variety of complex tasks and discover absolutely new ways of working with traditional lapidary materials. The production of exceptionally high-strength gold plates with a thickness of 0.87mm was made possible for Rosan Diamond’s exquisite credit cards thanks to a collaboration with Swiss manufacturers. Such precision has guaranteed adherence to the highest international quality standards. The search for a technical and design solution for installing a chip of a non-standard form was an incredibly difficult task in the cards’ production. We were able to mount it in such a way that the unity of the artistic composition was not compromised. Stones are selected with special care to inlay a Rosan Diamond card. The finest handwork of jewelers and the skilled arts of engraving make it possible to combine decorative effect and practicality. Executing filigree patterns in mother of pearl merits special attention, as the material is fragile and difficult to shape. We adorn the cards with both precious and semiprecious stones to bring to fruition the creative imagination of the artists. Diamonds, sapphires, as well as transparent and translucent stones create one-of-a-kind images, exquisite ornaments on every piece from the Rosan Diamond Art Collection.