There is something about precious materials that bring admiration, that compel people to aspire to them, that attract glances and attention. What jewelers have discovered is a universal means to transform stones and metals into art. A beautifully crafted ornament will always be a luxury accessory. Rosan Diamond’s Art Collection credit cards are a revolutionary word in the history of jewelry. Designers and craftsmen collaborate to create true artwork on an object that would seem incredibly unsuited for it — a credit card. But the creative musing of talented people, united with the magic of natural materials, gives birth to masterpieces. For the Rosan Diamond collections we draw inspiration from the mythologies of ancient cultures, from classical themes of world history, from the works of great artists, and from the beauty of natural phenomena. You become the owner not merely of a prestigious card that bestows certain privileges. Choosing a particular décor, you will express your personality, outlook, and principles in this original way. For those who are finely attuned to the beauty of this world, Rosan Diamond credit cards are an opportunity to ascend to a completely new level of experiencing jewelry.