Jewelers and engineers of Rosan Diamond have combined the art of jewelry with payment technology and projected it in the new Magic Hearts collection. Each Rosan Diamond jewelry piece from the collection has its unique style, reflects premium quality and supports contactless payments. A unique feature of jewelry from the Magic Hearts collection is the ability to be used for payments at any NFC reader around the world. There is no need to burden yourself with a wallet and a large number of bank cards when you have a walk, you are at the beach or even at the social event. It is worth noting that the payment inlay that is integrated in the precious items from the Magic Hearts collection is interchangeable. This allows everyone to create their own unique set of Rosan Diamond masterpieces by easily changing the payment inlay in the Magic Hearts rings and charms just like replacing a typical SIM card.
Surprise others with a unique blend of jewelry art and technology!
6 / 12 / 2018