In March 2015, we enlarged our gallery, and we are happy to offer you a new line of jeweled credit cards. As we created this collection, we looked toward a famous source of culture of the ancient world — the “History” of Herodotus. This work contains nine volumes, each dedicated to one of the Muses, and describes the Greco-Persian Wars, as well as the lives of the ancient peoples. We plan to issue multiple cards for all the volumes of Herodotus’ great work. The first four cards are dedicated to the Scythians, a legendary people described by Herodotus in the volume “Melpomene”. The cards have a unified style and theme, but each card has a unique design. Several feature a warm color scheme, encrusted with terracotta-chocolate jasper and jewels of unique cinnamon or cognac shades. Another color scheme comprises the cool, steely color of gray jasper and the fantastic radiance of blue diamonds.

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12 / 9 / 2015